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09 April 2012 @ 09:31 am
For my Hound-loving friends in Texas and surrounding states:

There are four Greyhounds waiting patiently for loving homes in an Austin, TX shelter.  Here are direct links:





Let's get these beautiful Greyhounds into homes NOW!  Look at poor Gomer.  He looks like he's given up.  Can't you do something to help?

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28 February 2012 @ 10:29 am
I have absolutely had it with the 2012 political scene.  Yeah, okay, the President isn't everything we hoped.  We had such high hopes, it's not surprise he couldn't deliver on all of them.

But the alternative?  If the alternative doesn't scare you to death, you must be a lunatic.

Why?  I'll tell you.  Strap in.

Rick Santorum and the other current Republican Presidential candidates are the American Taliban.

If you really listen to what they say, their beliefs and policies are not all that dissimilar from the Taliban:

1) THEIR radical form of conservative Christianity and no other morality should dictate our lives just as the Taliban believe that radical conservative Muslim principles should dictate;

2) Women are second class citizens who should exercise no - or at best a tiny token - control over their bodies and destiny just as the Taliban restrict and control women's mode of behavior, dress and education;

3) Higher education should be discouraged just as the Taliban discourage "secular" education, particularly among women and the other dispossessed; 

4) Gays and lesbians are the ultimate sinners and not worthy of human or civil rights just as the Taliban refuse to acknowledge existence of gays/lesbians.  To be fair, the GOP candidates to my knowledge don't advocate imprisoning and executing people based on their sexuality.   

Santorum, Gingrich, Romney and even Paul are always preaching religious tolerance and freedom yet where were they when an American Muslim group wanted to build a community center a few blocks from Ground Zero?  They all were vehemently opposed to it. Where was their stalwart support of religious freedom and tolerance then?

You see, it's only their version of religion that they want to impose on everyone else.  You, me, everyone: Americans will only be "free" to practice their version of religion and morality.  They want to do whatever they please, and be damned to everyone else.

Am I the only person who can spot the double standard and hypocrisy here?  On one side of his face, the GOP candidate will advocate less-intrusive, smaller government.  Out the other side, he - or, more alarmingly, she - will advocate governmental intrusion into your home, your morals, your ethics, hell, even your body.  

At best this is lame inconsistency.  At worst, it's in insidious invasion of America by totalitarians because we, the electorate, are too stupid or lazy to denounce.  And the masses rise up to shrilly bleat their support for them, in rallies and self-congratulatory frenzies.  While I hesitate to use the term "fascist", as an historian I am painfully aware of the very close comparison which can be made between the fascist movements of the  1930s and now.  The GOP candidates are pandering to their base, with the assistance of a sophisticated, powerful propaganda machine, a machine which is so finely tuned that it can convince people hovering near the poverty line to denounce those protesting against the 1%.  It can convince people that the Founding Fathers, who risked everything to throw off tyranny, want us to impose tyranny on ourselves.  There is always someone to blame - welfare cheats, Obamacare, the list goes on - while behind the obfuscation the oligarchs line their pockets and chip ever more merrily away at individual freedoms.

I'm sick and tired of it.  I know I'm not the only one who sees this bullshit happening.  But I feel like I'm trying to stop the tide with a teaspoon; I'm teetering on the brink of despair at the very good chance our country - my country - might slide into a 21st century religio-fascist dictatorship.
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18 January 2011 @ 06:06 pm
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We woke this AM to some snow.  Maybe 6 inches, so not a lot.  But enough for me to fire up the snowblower and get cracking.

Some starter fluid and cursing - the snowblower is 30+ years old, a hand-me-down from
[info]kass_rants 's father - later, the Briggs & Stratton is purring nicely and I'm throwing snow off the driveway.

I make a couple of passes and wend my way to where the driveway meets Route 611, which is nearly as busy this morning as it is on a morning with normal traffic conditions.  (It's a fairly major route from Easton to points south, including Philadelphia.)  As I'm slowly grinding away the present left by the PennDOT plow truck, I see a mid-1990s Honda Accord careening towards me, completely out of control.


I hurl myself away, abandoning the aged snowblower to what I assumed was an awful fate.  The car jolted off the field-stone retaining wall at the front of the house, missed me by inches, and cracked into the snowblower before coming to a rest facing north in the southbound lane.

This is where it gets really interesting.

Three Asian gentlemen clamber out of the car.  The car is really none the worse for wear.  The front bumper has a crack and scrape where it fought the wall and lost, but the airbags didn't deploy.  After using a mix of single-syllable English and pidgin sign-language, I determined the car's occupants were uninjured.  They righted the car's direction and pulled slightly off the road to inspect the damage.

I was inspecting the snowblower - which didn't even move when struck - when I saw one of the men walking towards me with a mobile phone.  "You call 911?" he said. 

"Sure," I replied.  "Are you OK?"  (NB: "OK" is the only two-syllable word I used.)

"Yeah, yeah, all OK."

"Bring the car here," I said, making motions of putting it in the driveway.  "And wait here."

I went into the house, grabbed the phone, and dialed 911, who connected me with the PA State Police barracks (PASP are the police presence in the township).  The nice Trooper got the story, then told me to send the fellows on their way; if there are no injuries and the vehicle isn't disabled, it's between the driver and his insurance, and the PASP don't need to get involved.  I asked him if he was too busy to wait a moment while I attempted to translate - I didn't want to ring off before I was certain the Asian blokes understood what they needed to do. 

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's damned near impossible to tell someone to go home and call their automobile insurance company using a ten-word vocabulary and sign-language.  I could hear the Trooper giggling at my distress and frustration - thanks heaps, officer - when one of the blokes handed me his mobile and said, "Talk to friend?"

Thank heavens.

The friend was obviously also Asian by his accent, but spoke excellent English.  I had the mobile pressed to right ear and house phone pressed to left, and explained everything.  With the assurance of the English-speaking friend that all would be explained, I rang off with the Trooper - still giggling, I might add - rang off with the friend, handed back the phone, and told the Asian blokes to sod off.

"GO SLOW," I advised.  They waved and skidded off.

But then I noticed the orange monster of a snowblower, sitting in a pile of snow at the bottom of my driveway, dead to the world.

Oh, NO. 

Not only do I have less than half of the driveway done, that f*cker weighs about 7,000 pounds, and if it's dead I'll have to drag it uphill before shoveling the rest.



Well, nothing for it.  Let's see if it starts...

The 4hp motor leaped to a mighty roar on the first pull.  Hurrah!

The older-than-I -am, inherited snowblower that I've never maintained beyond changing the oil - once, the year I inherited it, say, five years ago? - CANNOT BE KILLED, EVEN WHEN STRUCK BY A CAR.

The damn thing will probably outlive ME.

So that's my Snowpocalypse Story.  Thanks for listening.
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